• About Conference

    RAJPEDICON 2017 is going to be held in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India (Sun City, Blue City, Marwar). Please call on the mentioned helpline number for any queries.

  • Theme of Conference

    The theme of the RAJPEDICON 2017 (Rajasthan State Conference of IAP) conference is "ADVOCACY OF CHILD RIGHTS".

  • Eminent Speakers

    Dr Santosh Soans (IAP President-2018), Dr Y.K. Amdekar, Dr Raju C. Shah, Dr Baldev Prajapati, Dr S. Balasubramanya, Dr S. Sitaraman, Dr Jagdish Singh, Dr Suresh Goyal, Dr Rajeev Bansal, Dr J.K. Mittal and many more.

  • Need Help

    Call us any time on helpline no. 9251-990-564 for instant help. Or you can email us on rajpedicon2017@gmail.com with your queries.

RAJPEDICON 2017 (Rajasthan State Conference of IAP) will be organized from 06-08 October 2017 (Friday-Sunday).
 9251-990-564  06-08 October 2017 (FRI-SUN)  

The Eminent Speakers - 'RAJPEDICON 2017'

Faculty (National)

  • Dr Santosh Soans

    (IAP President-2018)

  • Dr Y.K. Amdekar

  • Dr Raju C. Shah

  • Dr Baldev Prajapati

  • Dr S. Balasubramanya

  • Dr Nitin Shah

  • Dr.Shailesh Gupta

  • Dr Rajesh Khadgawat

  • Dr Piyush Gupta

  • Dr Sunil Gomber

  • Dr Priti Galgali

  • Dr Anupam Sibal

  • Dr Ashok Kapse

  • Dr A.S. Vasudev

  • Dr Vijay Yewale

  • Dr Arvind Taneja

  • Dr Neelam Mohan

  • Dr Arvind Bagga

  • Dr Sushil Kabra

  • Dr Sonu Udani

  • Dr Shyam Kukreja

  • Dr Amita Mahajan

  • Dr JS Tuteja

  • Dr Madulika Kabra

Faculty (State)

  • Dr S. Sitaraman

  • Dr Jagdish Singh

  • Dr Suresh Goyal

  • Dr Rajeev Bansal

  • Dr J.K. Mittal

  • Dr Lalit Bharadia

  • Dr R.B. Sharma

  • Dr Tarun Patni

  • Dr Anil Jain

  • Dr P.C. Khatri

  • Dr C.B. Das Gupta

  • Dr Avinash Bansal

  • Dr Alok Gupta

  • Dr R.K. Maheshwari

  • Dr Amarjeet Mehta


Non-invasive Ventilation

  • Dr Neeraj Gupta

Asthma Training Module (ATM)

  • Dr Daisy Khera



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